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Colour Know-How: Transforming Your Home Office

Your home office is a place you probably spent most of your waking day, which means you should dress it up to give you a very personable feel to boost productivity and performance. So whether your home office is a small nook in the corner of a cluttered room or a massive spare room that makes your mind wander, check out our tips to paint and decorate your home office to ooze personalisation. 

Everyone deserves a space to work that will stimulate and encourage success. Bland offices can be quite uncomfortable and uninspiring. The monotonous feel and boring bland walls are in desperate need of some colour to offer you a space that is worth looking at. 

Colours To Help You Focus

DIY wall painting ideas you say? Colours like blues and greens give off a very serene and peaceful feeling, allowing one to concentrate on tasks more effectively. Colours like gold and bronze give off a very rich and abundant feeling, oozing positivity and wisdom. Combining a plethora of different shades into your working space with personal touches will create that perfect work from home vibe.

Geometric patterns with colours such as grey and light hues of green will help to saturate your home office with a sense of calmness but also style and sophistication. Which means if you were to have your home office in your bedroom, you’ll feel at ease spending most of your waking time cloaked within 4 walls that give off a very calming feeling. 

Keep away from colours like red as the University of Rochester carried out a study which found that the colour red makes way for the intensity of emotions. Shops and online stores use red in clearance sales, which isn’t very productive within a working space. Aim to use colours that not luminous and aren’t deep or dark.

Yellows definitely get the creative juices flowing, which marries perfectly with light brows and blues. A soft purple also gives off a regal feel, so if you’re looking for serenity combined with a sense of feeling in control, why not go for this shade?

Pastel Colours For Creativity

Why not introduce pastel colours into your workspace to give off a sense of creativity? Utilising pastel colours will allow you to get your head down and concentrate, all whilst offsetting this palette with plants to accompany the new shades of your space.

If using colours like white and mint together, why not spruce up the workspace with either desk plants or big leafy plants? This would not only change up the look of the space, but it would also help to purify the air that you spend the majority of your time in.

Ideas For Smaller Spaces

Is your workspace sprawled into a nook of a room? One of the easiest and most convenient ways to fit things into a small space is to utilise a feature wall. With a feature wall, you can add all your desk essentials and other stationery so that you can keep the already small space you work in, clear of clutter. 

Bright Coloured Decor

Add seamless and versatile display items such as books, pens, small plants, a small printer and other items that go with the colour scheme of your room. If you’re still struggling for space, look into a floating desk, which can be designed to fit any shape of a room. 

Personal touches are ideal to inspire creativity and give you the productivity you’re seeking. Items like a vibrant rud can make a massive difference to bare flooring, which invites texture for a new visual to the room. Enhance your space with decorative pieces such as light storage boxes and baskets to both clear away clutter but also to personalise your workspace with different colours.

All in all, a balance in a home office is vital. If you’re painting walls blue, be sure to use other colours that break it up. Colours like teals, pinks and yellows will calm the space and brighten your mood. This will also help to keep the room light and airy on darker days.

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