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Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Professional Painter & Decorator

We all know too well how exciting painting and decorating can be until it turns into a lifelong project. Blood, sweat and tears (hypothetically) are churned from strenuous hours of joy fading into frustration to become a magnificent piece of art. It’s generally easy to get things done until you’re delving into a forte you are inexperienced in. Thus, here are some reasons as to why you should use a pro.


Painters and decorators know what they’re doing. From preparing walls prior to painting, or choose the base or coating and finishes. They know how to look out for and spot any mistakes or changes that need to be made whilst keeping the end goal in mind. 

As we possess more than 15 years in the field of painting and decorating in both commercial and domestic property, Premier Decorating can offer an array of experience to allow you to achieve the personalised look that you’re after. 

Fully Licenced

Not only are painters and decorators highly skilled, but they have a plethora of insurances and licences (health and safety for example) that means you, as the customer, don’t have to pay for any unfortunate events that may occur on their property. This would allow both peace of mind (no hospital bills!)  and helps to avoid any risks towards yourself. Here at Premier Decorating, we hold a full Public Liability Insurance.


In the world of painting and decorating, retouching and mixing colours is an uncomplicated task that works wonders to bring a dreary living space alive again. Painters like ours are able to offer a no-obligation consultation, which means that they can select colours and offer you ways to decorate your space with features and colours that will suit your lifestyle. Factors like room orientations and lighting also come into play, as they have expansive knowledge in this field, a pro may just be your best bet. 

Saves You Time

As mentioned, carrying out painting and decorating projects is extremely time-consuming. From switching furniture around to colour-mixing and choosing base coats for living spaces, DIY decorating can be very daunting. Thus, hiring a professional painter and decorator allows you to not only save time but gives you solace in knowing your chosen paint and decor will be prepped and properly implemented in a professional manner.

Need some professional help? Check out our portfolio for how we can help. Contact us for your free painting & decorating consultation now.