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Top Tips To Decorate Your New Home

So you’ve just bought yourself a new home and it’s got all the space you need but requires sprucing up before you get settled. If you’re looking to add some personality and style to an unfamiliar space, read on to learn some tips to decorate your new home.


Let The Sun Shine


An easy and inexpensive way to transform your home is by bringing in the light. Open up your home to natural light, remove any bulky blinds and heavy drapes, and if you are to use curtains, opt for light fabrics and colours that won’t fade. Light and airy spaces always win.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Following on from the first tip, mirrors are an excellent way to bring liveliness to your home. Hanging mirrors in rooms allows light to bounce around a space, especially when hung opposite a window. Consider using more mirrors in areas with more natural light to bring depth and brightness to your living space.


Furniture Speaks Volumes


Think grand hotel lobby when picking and choosing furniture. You’ll always find furniture in areas like a hotel or stores like IKEA group together furniture that invites conversation. Pick a balance when it comes to sofas, try not to push them together, rather, set them directly opposite one another with a coffee table in the middle. Likewise, placing a high-quality rug in the centre of the room with colours that match your walls would perfectly complement the look of any space.


Neutral Is The New Normal


Though it may be tempting to transition your walls from neutral to vibrant, a home tends to look larger, cleaner and tidier when utilising colours like white, beige or grey. Having such colours will then allow you to dress the space up or down, switching decor around to meet your personal preferences.


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