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How To Decorate The Dark Rooms of Your Home

Looking to bring some light to the rooms of your home that feel like a cave? Here are some top tips from us at Premier Decorating to spruce up your rooms on the darker side by implementing these simple bits of decor to your living spaces.

Choose low-to-ground furniture

Adding oversized furniture in an overcast room will simply create more shadows, which will most likely make way for an even darker feeling room. To deter from this, pick minimalistic furniture that lay low to the ground. 

Selecting furniture at a specific height will leave ample space whilst offering up empty areas, which in turn, will create lighting opportunities. A point to note here is if you do choose this type of furniture, bookcases and high standing decor must be omitted (sorry book lovers) as they too, will cast shadows. 

Opt for floor lamps 

Rather than having hanging wall lights or lightbulbs from the ceiling, why not select a floor lamp? Aiming and illuminating at the ceiling or walls will offer minimal luminosity specific to where you want it. 

Infusing every corner of the room with lights in this way will make the space feel comfy and cosy, casting luminosity down the walls. Although it can be extremely challenging to brighten up a room, wall sconce lamps or torchiere floor lamps may just be one of your best bets. 

Maximise light with mirrors

Placing mirrors directly opposite wherever the minimal amount of light comes from will allow as much reflection as possible. If this can’t be done, mirrors can be placed over mantles, on side tables, bookcases, close to lamps and so on. Utilising mirrors are useful as they act like little windows that open up spaces by holding onto light and placing it elsewhere. 

Select a light area rug

Your feet matter too. Flooring is essential as it can make or break a room. For a darker area of the home, it may be ideal to use light area rugs that aren’t one solid colour. Patterned such as geometric and/or arithmetic shapes of a rug can help aesthetically by bringing the room softness, but it will allow light and brightness to amalgamate within the space. 

Transparent furniture is the future

It’s always vital to consider how furniture choices impact the levels of lighting in your home. If you’ve got a small, dim room that needs lighting up, a black coffee table isn’t going to help. Opt for a compact sofa with a transparent table. Alternatively, transparent bookshelves, sofas that offer lighter materials and are brighter in colour. Make sure to totally avoid, ivory, walnut, wood tables as well as TV stands and wardrobes.

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