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At Premier Decorating, we offer both interior and exterior painting, which means we can traverse around brickwork, precious decor, fitted lighting, railings, windows and so on. 

For over a decade, we have been in operation, delivering seamless commercial and residential painting for over a decade. We are fully insured with Full Public Liability Insurance and can work on both commercial and domestic projects to help you achieve the look that you’re after with buildings or homes. We also offer flexible working around business times, which means you can rest easy knowing we won’t disturb you whilst you’re working. 

Interior Painting

We are able to make the most of any room or living space. When looking to enhance the interior of your home, it’s essential to choose painters that do not cut corners. Here at Premier Decorating, we are painters based in South West London that pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality painting to meet your budget and needs.

We come fully equipped, utilising the highest standard of painting materials and tools. So whether you’re looking to spruce up your interiors, bring colour to a dull room, or even lighten up spaces in smaller rooms, we’ve got an abundance of skills and experience under our belt to get the job done to your standards.

Exterior Painting

London is known to have famously lined houses, amalgamating an array of colours and decoration, which makes for gorgeous scenery. However, overtime paint and decoration begins to fade naturally, which is why it’s essential to keep on top of exterior painting using a trustworthy, competent painter.

Be it masonry, brick, stone or other material, we are painters based in South West London that are fully capable of using the correct outdoor paint for the project, evaluating what works best to ensure a high standard of work. Using high-quality paints, Premier Decorating can offer you with a long-lasting painting that won’t fade as quickly as your existing work. And if you’re still unsure, none of our jobs is complete until we have had our worked checked over by a second pair of eyes and then yourself so we know you’re happy with it. 

We pay 100% attention to detail and our standards of professionalism are next to none. Any requirements that you may have, we will work on your residential/commercial space to ensure everything is complete to your satisfaction.

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Once our services are complete, we will ensure our workspaces have been cleaned as if untouched. Contact us now for a no-obligation quotation, we’re always on hand to help. 

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